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If you live or travel in the USA, Chile, Indonesia, Singapore, or Canada you have probably seen our branding work. Indigo Partners, who own and operate airlines in each of those countries, has worked with ps:studios for over 20 years to help name and brand a half-dozen airlines.

An effective brand shows itself in many forms, and is reflected in not only the aircraft, but also the many elements that make up the airline experience. Be it uniforms, badges, ticket counters, or the super graphics found in the airports – the brand is applied across a range of environments and executions.


  • Airlines


  • Signage
  • Store Concepts
  • Collateral
  • Web Assets
  • Digital Advertising
  • Package Design

Frontier Airlines

The typography on the fuselage comes from a design introduced in 1978 by Saul Bass. the expanded emphasis of the animals on the planes comes from a beloved history that was introduced in the 1990’s, but was under-utilized. these elements represent the best of the past and a positive look to the future.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

Paul Rand


JetSMART is an ultra low-cost carrier based in Santiago de Chile. In 2017 they began operating in Chile, aiming to reach a national audience which had been ignored, and that wishes to travel at a fair price. JetSMART adopted the same no-frills concept of Indigo Partners’ other entities. This model has shown strong demand as they have expanded throughout South America.

Jetsmart Grid

“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.”

Jonah Sachs


In 2006, Indigo Partners bought and rebranded mandala Airlines in Jakarta, Indonesia The airline’s logo is a golden eight-pointed mandala showing the Noble Eightfold Path and the eight elements of Javanese tradition. The five-petaled lotus in the center represents Indonesia’s state ideology, Pancasila, the foundational philosophy theory of Indonesia.

Lynx Air

Based in Calgary, Canada, this ultra-low-cost airline launched in 2022. The signature red and white color scheme of the airline’s bold yet friendly brand extends to all materials.

Lynx Grid

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